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Janzi Band changing the shape of band music in Uganda

The shape of music performances in Uganda has been steadily changing; changing for good. And along the way, a good number of

performing cover bands have been hatched. 

Most of these bands were popularized by the ‘Last Band Standing’ competition that has since folded and sunk into oblivion. Among the hordes, one band, know as Janzi Band, seems to stand out. 

Founded by James Sewakiryanga and Abraham Ssekasi in 2009, Janzi Band is an extremely talented Afro-fusion and contemporary music band that also dips its fingers in world music bowel.

And ever since they bounced on the scene, they have not looked back; they are young and talented, energetic and enthusiastic. They are practically changing the face of cover band music in Kampala.

Janzi largely cover and rendition popular songs but beyond that, they have a couple of their own songs that include; Ssemusajja, Njabala, Ekili, Eka, River Road, et al.

So as the debate of cover bands rages on about whether there is anything beyond  covering other people’s songs, Janzi Band stands away.

They have diverse talents with percussionists such as James Sewakiryanga, Hakim Kiwanuka, Basist Allan Okia, Keyboardist Trevor Muhumuza, Drummer Valeur Kalinda, various beautiful voices, et al.

Their piercing vocals, searing beats of the drummers, and the magical fingers on the keys make them stand out too!

Their initial idea was to start up a project that could favor cultural development through music and they have not veered off that goal.

The multi-talented band has performed at different gigs around the city; from Zone 7 in Bugolobi - their apparent home, to Club Amnesia in downtown Kampala and several casual and corporate functions.

They have also performed at the annual Blankets and Wine festival. The way things are going for them right now, you can only say the sky seems to be their limit.

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Mid town diner is big on fast foods

Mid-Town diner is big on fast foods
If you love fast food like burgers, pizzas, mid-town diner is quiet and easy on the price. 
It is found at the back of one of an iconic commercial building--that faces Centenary park on one side, Electoral commission head offices on the other and Kitgum house on the front. Yes, I am talking about that two storeyed structure that was built around the time our beloved motherland got it's independence. The diner is neat as a pin and comfortable for a drink out or eat out. 
It is not that roomy but you will hardly realize it for two reasons. For starters, it is served by huge windows that allow in sufficient light, adding a lively ambiance to the scene. That aside, space is well planned and stocked with light chairs as opposed to the traditional bulky sofas. Still on the part of chairs, there are three sitting options as created with inspiration for contemporary restaurant setting, bar setting and cafe setting.
Back to their menu of fast foods, both vegetarians and meat lovers are catered for. Prices range from 10,000-15,000 for medium size and 23,000-25,000 for large size. If succulent meaty food makes you crazy, you will fall in love with their chicken pizza or beef pizza. It is baked in a modern oven yet has a rich satisfying taste like one baked in a clay oven. The choice is yours on whether to accompany it with salads, fruits or fries. You can wash it down your throat with chilled fresh juice that is free of additives and artificial sweeteners. It costs an average of 8,000 UGX. Alternative drinks range from sodas(2,00 each) to smoothies and milk-shake. The most sought beverage is definitely coffee as it from the chariot brand. 
You will love the staff. They go above and beyond. The restaurant's location further doubles it's appeal as a place to drop by for lunch. It is found at the heart of the capital, on Dewinton Road, a laid-back street that is not so much affected by traffic jam. If you want a quick meal because time isn't on your side, their katogo will save your day. It is served from 7am-11am, costing 5,000 UGX. For a more convenient serving, you can place your order ahead of visit.
For details, call 0393241248 or visit them on plot 32 A Dewinton road.   



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An Alternative Nyege Nyege experience

Nyege Nyege is a four day international music festival held once a year at the banks of the River Nile in Jinja, Uganda. This year’s Nyege Nyege festival sparked a lot of controversy, heightened when the state Minister for Ethics and Integrity, Simon Lokodo, declared it “immoral” and advocated for the event’s cancellation.

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Red carpet on white and purple

Ronald Mwesezi Rmj fans party happening this Sunday of 23rd /09/2018 at Hakuna Matata Nansana,

its such a great day sharing memories with your best Gospel Artist and many featuring artists , enjoying new music and taking dinner together  , it's the only day we interact one on one , red carpet on white and purple .

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A few days to go for the Ugandan food festival

Just so near the Ugandan food festival at Uganda museum International cusinies , cultural performances , poetry , technology and innovations art exhibition and local cusisines

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Countdown to the Rolex festival heats up

 19th August 2018. Mark that date on your calendar-a date in which over 10,000 fun loving Ugandans will be gracing the 3rd Edition of the Rolex festival at the Uganda museum. It is a day long fest that celebrates Uganda's most loved street food, the Rolex. It is a captivating and yummy event accompanied with electrifying music performances.  Unmissable!!. Below are some of the scenes that highlighted its launch last Monday at the Independence monument arena.   


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You cant go wrong with Brisk Restaurant, Cafe and Lounge!

Have you thought of where to have your lunch? Brisk is ready to receive you at any time. Come enjoy our best lunch buffet.


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Speke Apartment's La Cabana Restaurant will take your breath away 24/7

Speke Apartment's La Cabana Restaurant will take your breath away 24/7

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Sheebah to steam up the relaunch of Club Ambiance @ 27th/June

Following the successful completion of her renovation, all is set for the relaunch of Club Ambiance, one of Kampala's most hip

and chic hangouts. The event which is set for 27th of this month will be graced with live performances from Kampala's favourite 

Dance-hall trend setter, Sheebah Karungi.......

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Flashback of the Ebonies premier of their new play- “HIBO HOBA” @ THEATRE LA BONITA.

Flashback: Last Friday, Ebonies, one of Uganda's most popular Drama Group premiered their new play-

“HIBO HOBA” @ THEATRE LA BONITA. Below are some of the high moments that rocked the day...

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AER LOUNGE: Where the fun is!

Aer Lounge: Where the fun is!


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Theme Nights at Cayenne Restaurant and Bar

Theme Nights at Cayenne Restaurant and Bar-Kampala-Bukoto



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Rafting the Nile with Nalubale

By Solomon Oleny

Since the start of the 21st century, River Nile has been repeatedly ranked by Travel Media and Travel Advisories among Africa’s seven wonders. This ranking is mostly in awe of it being the world’s longest river and also an outstanding hub of water adventure, especially white water rafting. And nowhere else does rafting come alive like Jinja, a destination where Nalubale a British run company has risen through the ranks and emerged as the friendliest rafting company since its start in 2005.

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Serenada Eco Resort, Natures Gift to you

By Solomon Oleny

It sits on the edge of a peaceful jungle at the shores of Lake Victoria, near Kampala. To be more precise, it is found in Mukono District, Mpatta Sub-county, Butere. It is a well conserved ecological get away that is perfect for honeymoon or family holidays.

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Moonlight Festival intrigues Bunyoro Kingdom

By Edward Nimusima

The Moonlight Festival is the core of any kingdom in Uganda. To many, basing on its name, they might think it’s a festival held under a bright African moon. No. The Moonlight Festival is a traditional ritual. And, this time round, Bunyoro Kingdom is having its celebrations. It’s as prestigious as it is traditional and deeply rooted in the Bunyoro Kingdom rich culture. Bunyoro Kingdom is the oldest kingdom in Uganda. The kingdom covers 5 districts (Masindi, Buriisa, Hoima, Kibale and Kiryandongo).

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Most beautiful hotels of lake Victoria: Top 10

Lake Victoria is the largest tropical lake in the world and largest freshwater lake in Africa, with a surface area of 26,560square miles. It is also one of the most beautiful features that make Uganda stand out of the crowd as a Pearl. If you have a strong preference for waterfront beaches, meet some of the most beautiful hotels you should visit before the year ends. By Solomon Oleny & Andrew Kisamba.

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Bwindi Jungle Lodge: True Oasis of peace and comfort

To say Bwindi Jungle Lodge is just an astonishing safari lodge is quite an understatement. It is a destination of diversity, energy and culture. From the fancy colours that burst open in its blue skies, to its charming sunset that leaves many of its visitors at a loss of words, it is a touristic facility where you can explore the wilderness and be pampered in splendor. As written by Solomon Oleny

 There are many particulars that comprise a great stay, and this destination which is located on Lake Mulehe, mucha, about 10kilometers from Kisoro town provides so many.

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Ngamba Chimpanzee Island turns 20

She is the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees with 55-years’ experience in the study of their social and family interactions. Dr. Jane Goodall is her name and guess what!! She visited Uganda last week to grace the 20th anniversary of Ngamba Island (Thursday 07th/06/2018). 

Caption for above picture: Volunteer and staff during integration of the baby chimps in Ngamba forest 1998.

Fast forward, Ngamba is a sensational island in Lake Victoria that is endowed with a secondary forest. It is an inviting fully fledged travel destination that is home to over 48 chimpanzees. They were orphaned from different parts of tropical Africa.

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Asian Fusion Restaurant, a fun culinary journey to China and India. {Fairway Hotel-Kampala}

By Solomon Oleny
Very few restaurants know how to strike a balance between quality and affordability. Food lovers know her as Asian Fusion Restaurant. Judging by the crowds she has been attracting since her establishment in 1990's. You can easily tell that it is one of the few Asian eat outs in Kampala that have excelled highly in providing great standards at good prices. Its specialty is Indian and Chinese dishes. 

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Nawab Asian Bistro can't wait to spice up your day

Craving for a feast of Indian food or Asian delicacies in general? You and your loved ones might fall short of words for this awe-inspiring gem when you visit it. 
Its name comes from an Indian word used to refer to a Muslim nobleman or person of high status. No this doesn't mean it belongs to kings. Rather, it was established to offer you exquisite dining experiences which are usually exclusive to kings.

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Nhenda hill of fortunes , Eastern Uganda

Busoga Kingdom has over 350 clans most of which claim to have originated from Bunyoro Kingdom. One such clan is the Igaga Clan, the biggest in the Kingdom under a single cultural leader, the Igaga. The first Igaga, Prince Byaruhanga, migrated from Bunyoro, crossed Koki chiefdom of Kamuswaga, sailed on L. Victoria and landed in the current forest of Kityerera, around 1350. He moved to Bukowe Hill in Bugweri chiefdom, sighted the Nhenda Hill and settled there. He produced children one of whom, Mutamba (Kawanguzi), migrated and founded the Busiki chiefdom.

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