Climbing the Snowy Peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains

Hiking Trails in Rwenzori Mountains-climbing the Mountains of the Moon provides hikers an exceptional on-foot-walk experience. There are several amazing hiking and nature walking trails worth hitting on Uganda safari in the Rwenzori Mountains. The trails usher climbers to the splendid snow-capped peaks, surrounding areas while on hiking safari. For those who are ready to… Continue reading Climbing the Snowy Peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains

Edonga: The Great Karamoja Dance

Following the restoration of peace, the Karamajong is happiness reigns in Moroto. And happiness is synonymous with dance. You will be sorry to leave Moroto without experiencing their energy consuming dances. One such is a Edonga, a dance that entails repeatedly jumping like the earth beneath one’s feet is ablaze with hot charcoal. Like it,… Continue reading Edonga: The Great Karamoja Dance

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The Great Karamoja Museum

If looks are anything to go by, one would be forgiven for omitting a visit to Karamoja museum off their itinerary. There is nothing fancy about this facility which sits at the foot of Mountain Moroto, Singila village in Katikikile Sub County. Considering its construction was spearheaded by the French Embassy, a party well known… Continue reading The Great Karamoja Museum

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