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A Mona Lisa Painting for Uganda

By Our Reporter

For art lovers, the recent launch of Leonardo Opera Omnia Exhibition undoubtedly welcome news. The exhibition that will be running from 19th November 2019 to 5th January 2020 at the Uganda National Museum in Kitante has caused quite the rave. According to the Uganda Tourism board, the

exhibition is organized by the Embassy of ltaly in Uganda in partnership with Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation and Uganda Tourism Board.


“The exhibition has been organized to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci's death. 17 high definition and true to scale reproductions of Da Vinci's masterpieces will be displayed and these include Mona Lisa and the last supper,” the Tourism Board noted. The Monalisa painting mentioned herein has been a hit and is what many believe the Italian talent will mostly forever be known for.

Note that Leonardo Da Vinci was an Italian who many often refer to as a walking encyclopedia; his  areas of interest included invention, drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, paleontology, and cartography. Critics have called him “the greatest painters of all time, despite perhaps only 15 of his paintings having survived.

Besides The Mona Lisa, also known as the most famous of his works and the most popular portrait ever made, Advance also painted The Last Supper, also the most reproduced religious painting of all time and his Vitruvian Man drawing is regarded as a cultural icon as well.

Leonardo's paintings and preparatory drawings—together with his notebooks, which contain sketches, scientific diagrams, and his thoughts on the nature of painting—compose a contribution to later generations of artists rivalled only by that of his contemporary Michelangelo. A random search will confirm that although he had no formal academic training, many historians and scholars regard Leonardo as the prime exemplar of the "Universal Genius" or "Renaissance Man", an individual of "unquenchable curiosity" and "feverishly inventive imagination. He is widely considered one of the most diversely talented individuals ever to have lived.



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