Nawab Asian Bistro can’t wait to spice up your day

Craving for a feast of Indian food or Asian delicacies in general? You and your loved ones might fall short of words for this awe-inspiring gem when you visit it.
Its name comes from an Indian word used to refer to a Muslim nobleman or person of high status. No this doesn’t mean it belongs to kings. Rather, it was established to offer you exquisite dining experiences which are usually exclusive to kings.

This sense of royalty cuts across through its traditions, to its white furniture, as given a rich contrast with perfectly polished wood(black). Its interior is truly cozy and always fresh thanks to its good ventilation and air-conditioning. For much of the day, Nawab is as peaceful as its dominant color, white.
The Nawab’s Asian Bistro comprises a fully stocked bar arena and a restaurant, each with ”cubicle-like” dining sets which are well spaced. Both sitting arenas are tastefully decorated with a breezy yet sophisticated atmosphere. Both settings are served by fast 4G wifi and soothing jazz music, the type that effortlessly divorces the mind from its troubles, at least for a few minutes. These qualities in turn make Nawab a perfect point for meeting clients.

If you are a die-hard sports fan, their bar will make your day with its two massive screens. It is called Nawab Signature lounge and can comfortably accommodate you and over 50 friends. Here, you will find over 10 powerhouse brands of wines and spirits to ignite the fire in you as you cheer your team to a win.
If you love big discounts on drinks, 4-7 pm is the best time of the day to visit NAWAB. It is happy hour. Moreover, every day they have some offers from Sunday to Monday. Furthermore, every day there is a buffet in Nawab Signature Lounge at just Ugx 28000/- , with a cocktail or a soft drink. A visit here is incomplete without visiting the rooftop of the restaurant. It boasts of unobstructed panoramic views of Kampala’s iconic buildings like Workers house, Sheraton Hotel, Pearl of Africa. It is the perfect vantage point to catch fireworks as you celebrate Happy New Year. Needless to say, the breeze here has a countryside freshness. You’ll love it to bits.

On the part of food, their chef understands that first impressions count.
“This explains why I leave nothing to chance when preparing food.” says the 27-year-old Prakash, a professional full of praise and passion for Asian food, a specialty he has been in for the last 11 years.
No wonder the food is usually 10/10. During my last visit, I decided to try a range of chicken dishes. Buttered chicken and cashew nut chicken emerged as my stars of the day. I could not believe one can get so much flavor from birds. My guess was right. They were delightful to the palate as they were flavored with original spices, as flown in from the international home of spices, India. This also applies to all other foods on the menu too, most of which cost between 18,000-35,000(if ordering from the nawab website, you’ll get a 10% discount). They are spiced to perfection, a possible explanation as to why the restaurant is always alive with guests, especially corporates and the business community.

On the other hand, the desserts have a tantalizing taste too. They will treat your taste buds to a joyous spin. They include pastries, fried icecream, kulfi, lemon cream cake, sizzling brownie,etc

What other kind of food lover does Nawab’s Asian Bistro suit?
For people who are looking for places to hold wedding receptions, baby showers, and birthday parties, this place will nail it for you. The venue is free of charge. It can accommodate up to 400. If you want home deliveries, you can place an order through Jumia or samba or by calling in restaurant number too but here you have to for transport.

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