Number 4: Time to go fishing on Lake Victoria

First of all, safety is germane! The entire excursion is a tale of a well-organized and executed affair, complete with attention to safety. Before we delve into it, not that Lake Victoria is one of the very few freshwater bodies in the world that are still lonely save for a lone canoe in a distance. This should allow you to rediscover what you like about each other without feeling like your privacy is compromised.

It helps that the temperature in and around the lake is friendly all year round. Listening to the calm waves gently splashing the side of the boat will heal your mind and soul of whatsoever is troubling it. If sportfishing with Wild Frontiers, your trip will be guided by a two-man team that had done this over 200 times now. They will make sure you are well taken care of from start to finish. Even better, the boat is well suited for deep lake trolling.

At the genesis of this adventure, a briefing about the rules and regulations must be held. This is to ensure that all are versed in the safety and operations of the boat and only then will you get into the nuts and bolts of your mission. To go fishing! The activity is easy as there are not many Dos and Don’ts. The artificial lures are designed in the shape of prey that is a delicacy for giant tilapias and Nile perch.

The ever-so-patient instructors make the activity doable even for a novice. Throughout the excursion, there is no rush to get you back to shore, you will fish until you are were happy to pull in the lines. The crew’s knowledge of the lake is hard to beat. They know where, when, and how to hook the biggest catch. It might take lots of minutes before landing on a good catch, this makes the victory worth a huge celebration like a lottery win. Luckily, there is lots of beer on board. Did I say there was lunch too? Well, you bet there is. The day will end with a brief visit to one of the many islands on the lake whereof the Equator passes. Imagine that!

Costs: An average of $125 with Wild Frontiers, a sports fishing agency based in Entebbe

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