Amabeere Ga Nyinamwiru: The ‘breasts’ of a Beautiful Girl

The African Language and names are quite dramatic. Never shying away from saying it as is seen. So, if you are searching for historical attractions with legendary stories that are reminiscent of Roman mythology, narrow down your search to Mabere Ga Nyina Mwiru. It is a cultural and Eco-tourism

gem found at one of the most impressive waterfalls of Fort Portal. You can think of Fort Portal as one of Uganda’s most scenic town, lying in the shadows of Mountain Rwenzori.

In the thick of this tour, one must follow underground trails that lead into chambers of ancient caves made of solid lava ash. Created as a result of volcanic eruptions that rocked the Virunga region over 500 years ago, these natural caves are well preserved, with zero interference from humans. And as such, they still boast beautiful rock formations. This includes a thriving system of bristling stalactites hanging from the rocks overhead, and stalagmites surging up from the ground.

Scientists maintain that they were formed when calcium carbonate reacted with water from an adjacent waterfall that flows from Uganda’s highest Mountain, Rwenzori. The bi-product of this reaction is a milky substance that drips from the “tits” of rock formations that resemble breasts. “That is how locals came to call it: Amebere Ga Nyina Mwiru, meaning the breasts of Nyinamwiru,” one Ignatius, a guide at the site notes.

Interestingly though, historic stories beg to differ; legend passed on from generations among the Batooro insist that the “breasts” were cut off from the chest of a beautiful Mutooro girl called Nyinamwiru. This followed the orders of her father King Bukuku of Toro, a decision based on a prophecy that she would one day get married and have a son, Ndahura, who would kill the king and take over his throne.

A hike through Mabere Ga Nyina Mwiru will enable you to absorb the area’s extraordinary wildlife and the fascinating history of the Bachwezi dynasty. This heroic tribe of Bantu cattle keepers lived here prior to their mysterious disappearance prior to the 19th century. As you stand by the permanent waterfall, the fascinating steaming sound and cold breeze engulf all and sundry.

Throughout this family-friendly tour, the guide will help you safely navigate through a labyrinth of caves and appreciate all their unique features. You can crown your guided visit here with a hike to the neighboring Kalyango hills and Kyenganywa hill. From their summits, you will see some of the most scenic crater lakes of Africa.

Such a gentle hike; it often jokes that even patients recovering from a hip surgery could take it on. The beauty about this is that it is also easy on the little ones and can be explored as a family.

What to know

If traveling in peak and rainy months like, bring a pair of waterproof shoes like gumboots. The trail gets quite messy with a lot of water and mud during this time. If you get wet, they will give you a chance to shower and change afterward at the cottage here. The tour costs Shs7.500Ugx for locals and Shs10.000 for non-Ugandans.

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