5 Cozy boat adventures: experience a tranquil Uganda

Are you looking to honeymoon? Is it love you want to celebrate? See, love will bring out the best in us! It really does. But first, it fills us with happiness that uplifts, especially during low moments.

And what better way to express this love than by taking a boat cruise? Uganda’s lakes and rivers are more than just waters, they come with scenarios to die for. Tranquility takes center, the breeze is soothing, the beauty simply out of this world and the experience sticks to mind.


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It captures your heart with intriguing sights and sounds of Lake Mule. Found in Kisoro District(South-Western Uganda), it is a scenic crater lake that has a healing effect on the mind, body, and soul.


Take a boat cruise in Murchison falls National Park, we dare you! Not that it is a bad dare, the thing is, this is more of an exploration of the wildlife of this park, and thus more than just a tour. It is no wonder it attracts over 200,000 tourists annually! The cruise takes place on River Nile aboard a big boat with a lower and upper deck. Imagine how electrifying it would be to cruise on the world’s longest river? Yes, a wonder that that started flowing even before Moses freed the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Imagine that!

When the boat docks, we guarantee you will be smiling. For emphasis, we shall repeat: By the end of this two-hour trip, the memories you would have collected will leave you smiling. It starts with encountering of plenty wildlife whilst still ashore; reptiles, birds, you name them, exciting! But that you will soon learn is just a teaser; this entire experience is capped with thought-inducing sunsets and pure relief. A tangle with nature, a sun so soothing you wonder into the what-ifs of life. You live and let live whilst on the waters of Lake Albert.

First of all, safety is germane! The entire excursion is a tale of a well-organized and executed affair, complete with attention to safety. Before we delve into it, not that Lake Victoria is one of the very few freshwater bodies in the world that are still lonely save for a lone canoe in a distance. This should allow you to rediscover what you like about each other without feeling like your privacy is compromised.

Are you feeling plain old? Did plain stick maybe? Or you just bored of the relationship, then this adventure is exactly what you need. In fact, put it on your bucket list for valentine, you will not regret it! It entails overriding 8 major rapids of the river that are well spaced over a scenic 24-kilometer stretch. Imagine that!

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