Climbing the Snowy Peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori Mountains

Hiking Trails in Rwenzori Mountains-climbing the Mountains of the Moon provides hikers an exceptional on-foot-walk experience. There are several amazing hiking and nature walking trails worth hitting on Uganda safari in the Rwenzori Mountains. The trails usher climbers to the splendid snow-capped peaks, surrounding areas while on hiking safari.

For those who are ready to hike to the snowy peaks of the Rwenzoris, there are various trails that have been developed and run by mountaineering companies.  The enthusiastic hikers or climbers on Rwenzori trekking safari and they need to challenge themselves with strenuous treks, the Margherita peak offers the most perfect option. Margherita is notably the 3rd highest peak in Africa and there are designated trails leading up to the peak.

The Rwenzori Central Circuit trail

The Rwenzori Central Circuit trail offers the most challenging Rwenzori Mountaineering adventure. This is Rwenzori’s oldest and most trekked trail by most climbers who travel to Rwenzori Mountains for hiking safaris.

The Bakonzo inhabitants adjacent to the Rwenzori Mountains National Park manage the Central Circuit trail. The central trail is incredibly less challenging and above all, it guarantees you exceptional views en-route including the primates, mammals, vegetation, peaks of Mount Speke, Mount Baker to mention but a few.

The Rwenzori Central Circuit trail is ideal for expert hikers on Uganda hiking tour. You hike starting from Nyakalengija office at elevation 1646m. Hiking this trail leads you via Nyabitaba Hut 2652m and this distance is about 10kms from the briefing area. From Nyabitaba Hut to John Matte Hut, it is 7kms  and John Matte Hut is at elevation 3414m. Other Huts include Elena Hut 4420m, Bujuku Hut 3962m and trekking these trails may take from 4 days or more depending on your hiking speed. From Elena to Margherita it is 2kms and the 5th days can be used for hikers to make return journey from 5109m. Guy Yeoman Hut 3261m is 8kms from Elena and 6kms to Nyabitaba Hut. In total, about 7-8 days will be required to make a complete hike if you are taking the Rwenzori Central Circuit Trail.

Kilembe Trails

While on Rwenzori Mountaineering, Kilembe trails are one trail worth spending time and energies hiking through. This is the southern trail of Rwenzori Mountains. Treks begin from Kilembe, which is near Kasese Town, and the trail takes you via Nyamwamba Valley. The trail offers uninterrupted views of sceneries, glacial lakes and as you navigate through, the trail links to Rwenzori Central Circuit at Lake Kitandara point. The Kilembe trail guarantees remarkable views of Mt. Baker.

Best time to visit

Hitting the trails of Rwenzori Mountains is best done during the drier months of the year. This is from June to August, December to February-amazing months of the year when the park records the least or no rains. All trails remain drier and hikers enjoy a smooth hike through different trails in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

Where to stay

There are luxury, midrange and budget accommodations readily available for booking by all nature loving visitors on Uganda safari. The top hotels or lodges and camps/huts to expect to spend a night include Ruboni Community Camp, Mihunga Safari Lodge, Trekkers Hostels, Equator Snow Lodge, Elena Hut, Guy Yeoman Hut etc.

How to access the Rwenzori Mountains

The Rwenzori Mountains/National Park is 5-6 hours’ drive from Kampala if you take Kampala through Mubende-Fort Portal City route. From Kampala-Kasese, it is a journey of about 6 hours. While by air, flights can be arranged and visitors fly starting from Entebbe Airport or Kajjansi airfield to Kasese airstrip. For all road transportation to and from Rwenzori Mountains National Park, a 4×4 rental car should be a must to use.

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