Experiencing The Roller Coaster Roads, Kapchworwa, Eastern Uganda.

If you are adrenalin junkies, a road trip along the meandering roads of the Kapchorwa region presents a shaky but total fun-roller-coaster-like ride. The hilly landscapes mean that the roads wind around with steep edges that leave one feeling like they riding on a roller coaster.

One minute you’ll be as high as 30 ft. above sea level upon the peaks of the hills, the next minute you’ll be flying down the foot of the hills only to be slapped hard in the face by awkwardly sharp corners that will stir in you motions from ranging from excitement to terror.

Every minute spent in the drive will feel like your last minute alive. The further you progress into the heart of the mountainous region, the more you will curse why you didn’t leave a written WILL before embarking on the journey.

The fright won’t get any worse as cars of various sizes appear to disappear to either end of the narrow roads. Watching them draw closer, you might think they are on an unstoppable mission to knock you off into the deepest valleys below. Nothing feels as exciting as knowing you have made it.

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