Tulambule combs the Northern and Eastern regions

The government and Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) have been on a major campaign to turn tables around and promote local tourism. This week, the two bodies jointly launched a countrywide movement

from one tourism center to another carrying out sensitization and promotion of local tourism to boost the face of travel in the country. The many tourism centers in Uganda have been enjoyed mainly by foreigners for a long time and the campaign is aimed at reworking the face of tourism and travel.

Today, Anita Fabiola led another group of tourism enthusiasts such as Miss Tourism Uganda, Margaret Kankwanzi, the State Minister for tourism, Godfrey Kiwanda among others to Sipi Falls in Kapchorwa after Griffin Falls in Mabira Forest where activities such as abseiling, zip-lining and others.

The controversy however was the choice of Fabiola ahead of Miss World Africa Quiin Abenakyo as the face of the campaign. UTB defended their position saying the latter had some personal issues that she needed to be sorted out and the campaign had to move forward.

“I have never gone for zip lining and I am scared of heights although I very much wanted to go for it,” Fabiola said after one of the activities.

This campaign could boost Uganda’s local tourism because a report from UTB last year indicated that only 2 out of every 10 Ugandans have been to most of the tourism centers across the country. This is the campaign former UTB boss Steven Asiimwe left halfway as he tried to pursue the same.

Herman Olimi, one of the communication officers at UTB says this is a chance for Uganda’s tourism to change because the locals will be involved in adding to the numbers that promote tourism.

“We can promote our own tourism and that can be achieved by involving the locals and promoting our own tourism. By the end of the Tulambule campaign, we shall have almost achieved most of what we are looking for,” he says.

The campaign will continue in Mbale, Soroti, Kapchorwa and then climax in the Karamoja region.

This region is the most endowed in terms of tourism around the whole country. You expect to find the Mt Elgon, Wanaale hills, coffee growing in Mbale, Sipi falls, bird watching, interaction with the world’s best marathon runners in Kapchorwa. Then you will have the marvel at the Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve endowed with all animal spices, Matheniko Wildlife Reserve from breath taking wildlife experience, , Bokora Corridor Wildlife Reserve and certainly the Culture of the people in Karamoja.

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